Gold filled vs. Gold plated

by Eva Chilcote on Jan 21, 2018

Gold Plated VS Gold Filled VS Solid Gold

When selecting the perfect piece of jewelry, you want to make sure you are not only getting something beautiful - but also something of exquisite quality.
You know that feeling when you receive the most gorgeous piece of jewelry, and you’re absolutely in love? But after a few days it starts to tarnish, even though you JUST got it? Now your new jewelry and what has become one of your favorite everyday pieces is no longer wearable.

Why did this happen? Why is it that some of the jewelry you purchase is beautiful for a long time to come, while others are ruined within days?

It comes down to the type of gold you’re getting. When purchasing jewelry, especially gold jewelry, it is important to notice what kind of gold you are getting.
Didn’t know there were several options available to you? Here is what you should look for when purchasing jewelry.

The aforementioned jewelry that was easily tarnished is known as gold plated. Gold plated jewelry is made by covering another type of metal with a very thin film of pure gold. It is such a small amount that it only takes a few wears or touching it too many times to cause the gold finish to tarnish. Many gold plated jewelry items chip, fade or tarnish in the span of a week.

A similar price point but much nicer option when buying your favorite piece is gold filled jewelry. Gold filled jewelry is much more valuable and long lasting, while still being cost effective and gorgeous. The reason gold filled is of a much higher quality is because it is legally required to contain 5% gold by overall weight of the jewelry.
It not only is much higher quality, but it is better for everyday wear. Not only because it won’t tarnish, peel, or fade as easily as many plated or “dipped,” products, it is much more durable; but It also requires less cleaning and upkeep. You can even wear gold filled jewelry in the shower.

The final and most valuable, yet expensive form of gold jewelry you can purchase is solid gold. The purity of gold is expressed in karats. The purest form comes from a very soft, very yellow textured gold expressed as 24 karats. Because it is so soft, it often has to be alloyed (mixed) with other metals to make it more durable for jewelry use.
Many of the pieces carries are gold filled, the many other are solid gold. Ready to shop some gorgeous pieces? Head here: 

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